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3-way valves

To avoid sudden spillage of milk into the tank (cause of lipolysis)simple, effective and practical method

1 Valve with floating nut

Milk tank outlet side adaptable with or without cartridge quick coupling

Without quick coupling / With quick coupling

Floating sms nut Ø51 with three fingers

Ø40 spline outlet / Ø51 spline outlet

2 quick coupling handles

Milk tank outlet side and wash tank side

(not necessary if tank side already equipped with CHARRIAU quick coupling)

End cap CHARRIAU for outlet Ø51

Charriau handle + charriau flap

Ø40 spline outlet / Ø51 spline outlet

3 fixed installation 3-way valve with flap

Three-way valve with positioner and position sensors + check valves + 3 clamp ferrules (collar + seals)

needa milk cooling tank


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